The Archive of Diploma Theses (APD)


Useful information on using the Archive

  • You log into the APD via the AMU Central Authentication System (UAM) (same as loggin into USOSweb),
  • the archiving process is possible only after the thesis has been registered in the student office,
  • the title of the diploma thesis cannot be modified in APD,
  • the thesis must be processed by the anti-plagiarism system before it can be submitted for review,
  • a confirmed review is visible to the thesis’ author,
  • each faculty can prepare its own review template (a set of questions),
  • information on the archived diploma thesis is available in the theses catalog for all users but without access to the content of the diploma thesis itself,
  • only the author, supervisor and reviewers have access to the content of the archived thesis,
  • any discrepancies related to thesis information visible in the APD should be clarified at the student office (BOS),
  • the thesis pdf file name cannot contain diacritics and dots except the dot separating the file name from the file extension,
  • the file extension should be written using lower case - .pdf.